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You did it. You started a business!

Now it's time to get the accounting right.

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You know the numbers are important...

But there's a problem.

You don't know where to start

You don't know how to organize your numbers, what numbers to pay attention to or how to ensure you're ready for tax time. 

You don't have the time

Spending your time crunching numbers isn't why you started your business. Your time is better spent actually making money.

You don't want to pay for software

You don't need another monthly subscription for software that is more advanced than what you're looking for.


The DIY Bookkeeping Essential tool will help you breakthrough the confusion and overwhelm of the numbers. It has the basics you need to get your bookkeeping done and help you understand your numbers, plus a few extras.

All without picking up a calculator or a monthly software cost.

I Need the Essentials

Just because you're a small business doesn't mean the numbers aren't important

In fact, the numbers are probably more important to someone like you. Every business owner needs to know their numbers if they want to grow their business. When you know your numbers you make better decisions, which will only increase your profits.

I Want to Know My Business

Numbers aren't your thing, and that's okay.

It is, really. We can't all be numbers nerds. That's where the DIY Bookkeeping Essentials Tool comes in. The tool includes easy to use spreadsheets that will track your numbers, keep you ready for tax time & give you important insights that will help you meet your goals. 

I Want to Start Crunching the Numbers

Here's How It Works

Get the DIY Bookkeeping Essentials so you have the ready to use templates that you can customize to your business.
Use the tool to get your bookkeeping done easily and quickly, set goals and be prepared for tax time.
Understand your numbers and make better decisions with confidence. You'll watch your bottom line grow!

Hello, I'm Sheila

As a CPA and bookkeeper, I work with small businesses to clear the confusion around their numbers. Even businesses who aren't quite ready to outsource their accounting still need the invaluable information the numbers provide. That's why I created the DIY Bookkeeping Essentials Tool. I believe every business owner, no matter how big or small, should have a resource to generate the numbers they need.

Get the Essentials I Need

What Are the Essentials?

Monthly Profit Tracker

Capture all of your income & expenses in one place each month. Know how much you made, how much you spent & and how much you profited.

Annual Totals Report

See the big picture for the year without you doing a thing. Be ready for tax time without the stress. Just hand the report to your tax preparer.

Profit Goal Tracker

Setting goals is one of the most effective ways you can measure how your business is doing. Set profitability goals & know when you crush them!

Quarterly Tax Calculator

Preparation is key. There is no better example than your taxes. Know what to pay & when so you're not surprised with a large tax bill or penalties at tax time.

DIY'ing not your style?

Would you rather have all of your bookkeeping done for you? Let's do it. You run your business, I'll take care of the books. If that sounds more your style, request a bookkeeping quote below.

Get the bookkeeping completely off your plate.

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Avoid the hassle and confusion and start feeling like the boss you are.

Don't wait another minute to get the bookkeeping crossed off your to-do list.

You'll thank yourself later.

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